Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hot chips

Today i noticed a guy and a gal dressed in a crazy fashion in the restuarant 'Hot chips', well i thought i was the one looking at them strange but soon i realizef that every ones eyes were on them - more towards the girl!! Well she was wearing a very looose jeans- i was wondering is this gal showing she can defy the law of gravity and her T-shirt clearly .. (ohh leave it , it is becoming too much obvious), she had done something to her hair - they were all standing one above the other, the guy was looking totally drunk completely uninterested with the surrounding , his dressing mimiced that of his lady!! Well they came sat down to order something, but soon they were obvious of every ones attention. Suddenly both got up left the place in a hurry!! wavv wat an ending. When the girl left, i was left wondering why cant people in india dress in a civilized manner- they make them self comfortable and also the others a comforted lot. The tight T-shirts and falling Jeans may be semen inducing but the taste peters out too fast.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Have u flunked an exam wondering abt a gals lips?? Yea i have!! It was for an job interview where i have to enter some data into an excel sheet, the time alloted was 1 hr, well initially i thought man this is too much time lets do it patiently!! Then in a bright monday morning some 4 people converged into the PC adjacent to me, wel lthe topic was abt superman returns. Well it went on and onnn.. well i thought monday morning are fresh but the review was going on for 20 minutes, the number of people now has sweeled to 7!! ohh!! no job on a monday morning>> Well i was completly bowled down by this comment one good looking lady made in the group- she told that she melted when the hero kissed the heroine in the end - she ended the statement saying Lips. Well she closed her eyes and it was apparent that she was rekeying the kiss on her mind!! One guy in the group told yea they kiss in every movie at the end. She loooked down at him fugutively and left the place in a tick. Well it proves one thing girls are more love sick and atleast liplock sick that compared to a cool guy who thinks it is rather a way of life!
Well but when a lady is commenting like this abt kiss! Can a guy in a group say ur lips are too sweet! It is easy to says Ur eyes are cute, U got great smile but abt lips i was wondering how ever can one complement a gals lips!!
Okk as a result of too much thinking abt the above stuff, i was thrown out of the interview after the test. Well tests come and tests go but i think the real test is going to gal and complement her lips and say how u would love to melt in the magic of ........

Thursday, August 17, 2006


The best scene in the movie is not the XXX scene between kate winslet & her christoper (Jude senior) but the scene where 8 yr Jude Junior kills his younger sisters and hangs himself on seeing people refusing to accept his parents as tenents (because of the 3 kids). well people may think Jude Junior is a psych but he is a perfect logical guy like ( our own sara) , he says there are too many kids in the world so asks why God gave 3 of them? Then decides to take his life and his sisters with him to leave his parents happily!! On the whole for this one powerful scene in the movie, I think it is worth a watch.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I am one of the last 3/10 persons who have crossed 1 yr 1/10 month into job!! I always wonder why did the psychs leave my company?? The work is max 2 hr a day, that into 5 days means 10 hours a week job!!! Well what more do one need, do the job as slowly as u like, go for long walks in the company park, eat like pig, have good bus rides each day, and more importantly get time to watch upto 3 DVDs a day!!! Why did these idiots leave this job??? Do people wish to work??? I am totally confused. well someone plzz help these poor HRs, my pals left my company because there was no work ( free pay) and there are other pals who want to join my company because they say, there present job sucks ( they work more than 10 Hrs a day!!).

So the truth for the HRs give a person optimum work- he will stick onnn, if u overload or underload there is no wayy u can hold on the Gen next guys!!! There is no one these days who say Kaaam Kee Liyee Kuchh Bhi Kareega, if any one exist he is a better psych than me!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Exorcism of Emily Rose

For people who dont know my routine in life this is a simple snapshot - get up at 7 Am catch the office bus at 7.55 try to do something in the name of work till 6 Pm catch bus again come home at 7 and then it is show time folks. I started by seeing 1 movie a day, but now it has increased to 3 movies a night!!!! But that night it was meant to be soo, I saw the movie exorcism of emily rose!! and ended up for a full 2 hrs thinking of the movie!!

Well the movie is what i call the horror movie for the thinking people, it had no trees raping girls or blood oozing from the taps - it was different!!

Very briefly, Devil enters Emilys soul and troubles her no end. The priest performs exorcism on Emily and fails. Emily ends up dead after some days. Is the priest guilty or not??

Some scenes were powerful, when God tells emily that demons wouldnt leave her and give emily a choice to come with god or suffer with the demons! emily says i will suffer with the demons, as I want to show the world that demons exist!! Well how many of us are like Emily, who are ready to punish ourself so that we make others feel the light during their life time?? Emily is similar to many of our freedom fighters, who have got them self killed/ tortured by the extreme means so that we can others can feel freedom in their life time!

Another scene is the climax were the verdict is given by the judge on fathers deed!! Guys go ahead & watch this movie. it may trouble your psych soul. at the end what i infered is here i am unable to organize myself, do what i want in life, leading a life where life takes me, and yes there are people who sacrifice themself so that they can show others the light!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


How many times we have planned something to only end up replanning, rething of the plan & once again palnning. Why cant we god-damn implement the simple-simple things we plan!!! I planned to have hair cut 3 weeks back, I planned to get up at 6 and walk, then i planned to get up at 6, now my plan is simply to atleast wake up for a second at 6 and then sleep! Well sometimes it looks like dont do any planning let life takes u where ever it wants, after u do this u find urself in a no mans land, then u consiously shout order ur own self to obey. But nothing goes into this mind. The toughest thing to control in life is your own mind!! Now some thing else lets end this crap cheerfully - yesterday i discovered that my blog - psychospelling doesnt open in my company, all other blogs opens! loooks like no one likes a psycho!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Psych work

All weeks are terrible but this week is the ultimate. On monday and tuesday the only job i did is, copy the fields from the screen to the EXCEL. I kept doing this & doing this. Some times i wonder why companies keep an aptitiuda test, technical round, HR round for these kinds of jobs, why cant they just employ good typist atleast the work will be done fast and that guy will be happy!!! Yaar looks like the HRs are all psychs, since they dont hv any work they go to recruitment in colleges and ask students some crap and show off!! This happened in my collegues interview , the interviewer asked my friend what is the pay off of a call option, my friend ( a big pistu in finance) asked that guy whether it is for long or shot, the HR looked here and there and told this is not the answer he expected!! wat a comedy , a bigger comedy followed my friend joined the company now is looking at the wall wondering why the hell did he short his career!!

Coming back to me, i am told this is lean period and the work i will be getting will be more and more mundane!! Man looks like i m going end up to be a psych rest of my life.